About Us

My family has been traveling to China for 14 years, and along the way has cultivated a relationship with a high-quality pearl shop and farming operation.

It all started back in 1998 while visiting a factory in China. The factory owner, who was aptly nicknamed “Money,” gave me a gift of a pearl necklace. I asked why he had given me pearls as a gift, and he said that the region where he lived was known for pearls. Interested, I asked if he could take me to purchase more pearls and he called his wife to take me pearl shopping.

We walked across the street to what looked like an alley lined with garages, but each “garage” was actually a pearl shop. The factory owner’s wife introduced me to one particular shop owner who she said had the best quality and actually owned a pearl farm.

Ever since that first visit, we have always returned to the same pearl shop, which has since expanded and moved from the “garage” to a pearl-shaped building. Over the years we’ve purchased many sets of pearls for family and friends who are always delighted to know that these beautiful pearls are also heirloom quality. Many of these friends have taken their pearl sets to be appraised at jewelers and are impressed by the value of their purchase.

Based on encouragement from friends and family, we opened our business, Dragon King Pearls, offering high-quality freshwater pearls to everyone at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a high school graduation gift, a bridal set, or the perfect anniversary present, you can be confident in the quality and beauty of our Chinese freshwater pearls.